10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Your Building is Ready to Reopen - But is Your Board?

With spring finally here and COVID cases in NYC on the decline, many co-op and condo residents are eager to loosen pandemic-related restrictions on activities and amenities in their buildings. For boards, however, reopening brings its own challenges and concerns: staffing needs, keeping up with safety standards, managing outside visitors, and handling renovations and moves, just to name a few. Join us for this informative discussion in which a legal pro will outline best practices, offer tips on enforcing rules and guidelines, and advise on how boards can make decisions while balancing the legal liability issues as against the community’s desires.

Sponsored by: Schneider Buchel LLP 

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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Board Member Do’s & Don’ts – Ways to Avoid Trouble, Save Money, & Streamline Communication

Co-op and condo board members are usually volunteers who donate their time to help govern the communities they call home. And while some join the board as legal or financial professionals, most new members need some guidance when it comes to issues of liability, budgeting and reserve funds - and even seasoned boards can benefit from improved communication with residents, management, and vendors. Join us for a panel discussion of these and other issues crucial to every board's success, including concrete, practical tips for optimizing the value of your property.

Sponsored by: AKAM Living Services 

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

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Board Liability: Protecting Your Cooperative/Condominium Legal Liability and Board Members from Personal Exposure

Between complex laws, our litigious society, and the ongoing COVID crisis, cooperatives and condominiums unfortunately face potential legal liability on many fronts. Add claims against volunteer board members personally, and it's a real concern - one that can prevent talented, capable people from stepping up to help govern their communities. Join us for an in-depth panel discussion of how boards and board members can mitigate that risk, including D&O liability insurance protections. Our experts will also advise on policy modifications and exclusions that might diminish those protections. Learn how the Business Judgment Rule protects board decisions, the value of maintaining COVID protocols, and the importance of expert assessment of insurance policies for your building, contractors and vendors. Eliminating risk entirely may not be possible, but with proper guidance and professional input, current board members - and those thinking of serving - can rest a little easier.

Sponsored by: FirstService Residential 

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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The Economics of Solar in NYC for Co-ops & Condos

Many communities - including co-ops and condos , are exploring solar power as a potential source of energy, having questions about both the process and the technology itself.This informative presentation will explain in detail how solar works, break down the costs involved, as well as incentive and subsidy programs and financing options. Also, it will demystify the ROI equation for boards and residents and shareholders due to incentives and subsidies. This presentation will help your building save on operating costs, and will also explain the new Local Laws 97 for building’s efficiency, local law 92 and 94, which require buildings over 25,000 square-feet to have solar on the roof, and how the laws apply to co-ops and condos.

Sponsored by: Best Energy Power 

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Moving Forward - Virtual Meetings, PPP Loans, Dealing With Commercial Tenants, & Pending Legislation

Communities across the country now have a year's worth of experience dealing with the financial, administrative, and social fallout from the pandemic. While most have adjusted to the 'new normal,' many questions and challenges remain - some that have been with us from the start, some of which have emerged as the pandemic has dragged on. This information-rich hour will address some of the biggest of those, including the latest advice on virtual meetings and elections, information on PPP loans for co-op communities, and how to handle commercial tenants falling into arrears. We will also give an update on important proposed legislation mandating co-op boards to review applications promptly and provide reasons for rejection.

Sponsored by: Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP 

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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What Comes Next - How Covid-19 Has Affected the Lending Market

Over the past year, the global pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives - including the financing landscape co-ops, condos, and individual borrowers. While interest rates are still at historic lows, many individuals are experiencing financial hardship, and many multifamily communities are dealing with fiscal uncertainty as a result. This informative webinar will demystify some of the increasingly diverse lending products available to co-op and condo buildings and residents, and give tips on how your board collaborates with your financial advisors, borrow smarter, and meet your community's unique needs.

Sponsored by: Meridian Capital 

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Finding the Money - Reserve Funding During COVID-19

Nearly three-quarters of community associations in the US have underfunded reserves - and that was before the pandemic hit in 2020. Staying current with reserve funding may not be top priority for boards, but if neglected today could cause financial trouble in the future. It is crucial that boards maintain their community's funds adequately. Join our expert panelists for guidance on this important topic, including how to prioritize expenses, allocate funds, increase your reserves, and get buy-in from residents for this very important component of your community's financial health, even during these very challenging times.


Sponsored by: National Cooperative Bank 

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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Vulnerable Residents, Virtual Meetings, & Collections - New Approaches to Familiar Problems

Even before there was a global health crisis to navigate, boards and managers had a lot on their plate: holding meetings, running fair, transparent elections, handling arrears and collections, serving the needs of aging and other vulnerable residents, and adjusting to increasing numbers of people working from home. The pandemic added a level of urgency and complication to those fundamental duties few were fully prepared for - but a year on, community administrators are adapting, evolving, and rising to the challenge. This info-rich discussion will cover all this and more, offering professional tips and advice to boards on everything from rights of succession and inheritance to how to handle collections now and in a post-pandemic future.

Sponsored by: Tane Waterman & Wurtzel - PC

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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At Your Service - Decoding Budgets, Contracts, & Service Agreements

Whether your community is a small, self-managed co-op or a sprawling condo development, budgets, vendors, and service agreements are part of what your board has to deal with on a regular basis. That's why it's crucial to have a clear, mutual understanding of your relationship with every vendor and service provider working with your community. This game-changing seminar will explain how to connect the dots between budget, vendors and legal, along with other vital questions, like how to create a budget that controls financials, and why your budget should be built from the bottom up. We'll also discuss the importance of flat fee agreements with your legal counsel, and what such agreements should cover, as well as how to develop a relationship with counsel that protects your board and residents, allows for enforcement, and creates a safe/transparent relationship with your outside vendors

Sponsored by: Newgent Property Management 

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

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Branding Your Building - Tips for Beating New Construction at its Own Game

With construction resuming after last year's long pause, scores of new condo buildings are coming onto the market - and competing with existing co-op and condo communities for prospective buyers. This informative seminar will bring together a panel of experts on everything from brokerage to graphic and interior design to discuss how your building can define and promote its unique character to boost value and be more competitive in a crowded market. We'll explain how to develop a brand message through design, demystify the process, and give real-world tips that can result in substantial return on investment.

Sponsored by: Sygrove Associates Design Group, Inc. 

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM 

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Airing Out & Breathing Easier - Understanding Your Building's Airflow, Circulation, & Indoor Environment

With hot summer weather bearing down, homeowners and building residents will be keeping windows closed and the AC on - and that raises concerns about air quality and safety. Warmer weather also marks the beginning of allergy season for many, which makes keeping your indoor environment as clean and healthy as possible a priority for boards, managers, and residents alike. This seminar will offer insights into what your community can do to clean, sanitize, and upgrade its ventilation and airflow systems to be healthier and more energy efficient all year-round. Questions about airborne contaminants like allergens, chemicals, odors - and viruses, of course - will be addressed, as well as pre- and post-season equipment maintenance for common areas and individual units.

Sponsored by: O&S Associates, Inc.

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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New Local Law 11/FISP Requirements - Understanding the Financial Considerations & Getting Your Building Compliant

Exterior inspections are a crucial part of every co-op and condo building's regular maintenance - falling behind can lead not only to costly fines and citations from the DOB, but also to structural deterioration, damage, and even injury to residents or passers-by. Join us for this in-depth, timely discussion of the recent changes to Local Law 11 inspection protocols and schedules - including the implications for solar installations and conversions - and find out what your board needs to know to help your building pass its next inspection with flying colors.

Sponsored by: Kagan Lubic Lepper Finkelstein & Gold LLP